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By TheAdmiral
1/27/2021 10:56 am
LEAGUE of LEGENDS is in season 8 with four different Legend Bowl winners:
Yellowknife Daggers (3)
Barcelona Bulls (2)
Kimberley Diamonds (1)
Roanoke Settlers (1)

The Conference Finals this year have two new teams and three of the four are yet to win the Legend Bowl (Superbowl)

The League runs using the Bleeding Edge BETA software engine and therefore has no restrictions re: Punt Blocks.

The League has a couple of side rules:

: Each team must have an active kicker and an active Punter in the gameday roster

: A team roster can have a max of 10 WR and 11 Secondary players (CB, FS and SS) - This will gradually be reduced over the next two/three seasons by 1 player per season.

: Offense players play on Offense only, Defense on Defense only.

: Injury setting is 74/200 in Pre-season and the standard 100/200 in Regular season

: NO WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS, Players can play anywhere - the caps on numbers for WR and DB are designed to spread the 'speedy' players more evenly between the 32 teams without sacrificing the possibility to play lighter players in positions more suited to there particular skill set. It also encourages players to play players in the position to which they are better suited and take the hit on speed/acceleration.

: Rules are reviewed in the latter stages of each season - RULE CHANGES FOR NEXT SEASON

: WR max reduced to 9 (and will drop to 8 the following season)
: DB max reduced to 10 *must include a minimum of 3 safeties* (this will drop to 9 the following season
: RB max 4
: DL min 5 of which 3 must be DT


6 teams currently available in Legends. Season has reached the Conference Final stages so a perfect time to take over a franchise and get all your ducks in a row before free agency and the draft.



Finished 2-14, 53 players on roster and a little spare cash, no dead cap issues. Five players in the final year of contract, all 21 picks for next three seasons.

Three time division Champs, five winning seasons from eight making the playoffs four times.



Finished 3-13, 53 players on the roster but cap about to bite for next season. Dead Cap to increase by $22M, team is $14M under cap so may need some cap massaging. All players already signed up for next season and a full compliment of 21 draft picks over three seasons.

One division title and just two playoff appearances. Finished 8-8 or better in five of eight seasons.



Finished 10-6 and won the division for a 2nd time, full roster, almost $7M in Cap space but $19M dead cap next season. Seven players in contract year. A mass of picks for next season (13) including 2xfirst, 2xsecond and 3xthird. All picks in place for 2 and 3 seasons down the line.

Two time division Champion, four winning seasons, three playoff appearances



Finished 4-12 after starting 4-3. 53 players on the roster and cap situation is ok, one player in the final year of contract. A full set of 21 picks over three seasons.

Yet to win the division but has reached the playoffs once, the sole winning season, which was last year so the team are ready to compete.



Finished 5-11, 53 players on the roster no cap issues as dead cap reduces by $9M to $3M at the end of the season. Missing a 4th round pick for the next two seasons. Four players in the final year of contract, tricky decisions to make on all four as they are quality players but old.

No division titles, three winning seasons but yet to reach the playoffs.



Finished 7-9 after starting 7-3, full roster but no spare cash. Dead Cap drops from $20M this season to $2M next season. Seven players in final year of contract and 22 picks over three seasons (an extra 7th rounder next year)

Conference Champion twice, Division winner five times but now three years since a playoff experience.