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Notice: to teams without a Punter

By Pedro11
6/12/2015 8:20 pm
By mistake I ended up drafting a handful of punters. This cost me some valueable draft picks.
I thought I was screwed. But it seems that's not totally the case. Some team owners saw what seemed my bad situation and reached out to help. Thanks guys (you know who you are) I'll never forget it.

I then found that a number of teams did not draft a punter. So I looked at the free agent pool to guage the value of these punters. There are no Punters to pick up there...NONE.

So you'd think people would be pounding on my door looking to get one. Didn't happen. I made a few reasonable offers to teams without punters and got comments like....wtf....and....really.

So the price to get a punter from me just went up. It will go up again when training camp begins. And if I have to carry them into the season (which I will if need be) then it will go up again. And you all can pay or do without a punter.

This does not applly to teams with punters that want to upgrade or teams I failed to contact.
But to those who replied wft...and...really.....the price just started climbing.

Just so you know.....Pedro11

Re: Notice: to teams without a Punter

By adelgado810
6/12/2015 8:31 pm
Noted that Punters are going to be very expensive now in this entire league and may be "franchise changers".