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By Mr_Football
7/26/2022 7:36 am
There is this league that is run by none other than this JDavidBaker guy in which I would like you guys to join. You see the reason leagues like this one always have only about half of these teams with owners is because people like JDavidBaker don’t know how to run leagues. That’s number one. Number two, your dear league admin is intimidated by a guy here named Smirt211. Which is why if you check the leagues that JDavidBaker runs and the ones that Smirt211 only joins us because his best friend runs these and is the reason why you guys are stuck having to see him and succeed in winning it all. Number three, I would like you guys to join this league because Smirt211 in reality is cocky and arrogant and has a really big, filthy mouth that he uses to drive people away so please join this league, gain ownership of these teams, and make transactions with owners like me on their and I will be welcoming and helpful towards you and not be anything like Smirt211 is.